Calpeda Asia Pacific Pte Ltd


The company has been established in 1991 with the aim of growing the Calpeda’s market and serving the Asia-Pacific region. The company's business revolves around solving strategic, operational, technological and organisational issues, centred around a customer-oriented and financially stable business environment.

These applications shape the way we operate, driving the company's steady growth, supported by the success and growth of our customers, which has made it a synonym of supplier of high-end products with reliable performance.

Today, Calpeda is a recognised brand in the local market, with pumps at its core, offering its customers a wide range of products and services from domestic and commercial applications to the agriculture and irrigation, wastewater and sewage, soil and industrial sectors.


Be a worldwide family corporation

A taylor made pump for life, delivered in one day

Move water in the most, sustainable way



We believe being a family is the right way to approach our worldwide business. When someone choose Calpeda is because of trust and reliability.

We work daily on our gemba kaizen to reach an extreme level of customization and customer satisfaction. We work on technology development to be at forefront and apply every regulation.

We study the water flowing path and the birds’ flight as they migrate, in order to understand how the Nature teaches us to save energy.



FAMILY. Trite but true: focus on people, families, community.

TRUST. Homemade products and development, only local suppliers.

SERVICE. Moving fast for a changeable world. Be flexible to meet the customers’ needs. 


 Wastewater treatment is crucial for the protection of the environment and human health Technology research can support the industry with energy-efficient products It is important to choose the most suitable submersible sewage pump according to the liquid to be treated, so you can be sure of a reliable product Facilitating wastewater treatment and encouraging the […]

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Swimming pool pumps need to be used continually to recirculate water Energy efficiency is therefore a very important requisite Energy consumption can be optimised thanks to “intelligent” pumps that regulate the speed and flow, making swimming pools more eco-friendly. Swimming pools immediately bring to mind moments of relaxation and fun… but swimming pools also mean […]

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